Wednesday, December 12, 2012


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EMPEE (f), ~ ianuarie 2011
sterilizata, deparazitata, educata la litiera / sterilized, wormed, litter box trained
EMPEE este o pisicuta care si-a trait viata la tara, care avea voie si  in casa si este invatata si cu viata la apartament. Este foarte jucausa si plina de viata si ii place viata la curte, insa, din cauza unor vecini(cu antecedente),care au amenintat ca o omoara pentru ca le-a omorit in joaca 2 iepurasi, pisica a fost adusa la Bucuresti. Acum Empee isi cauta o casuta, fara iepurasi, unde sa isi traiasca viata de acum inainte.
EMPEE used to live on a farm, but was allowed inside the house and is also used to life in an apartment. She is playful and very energetic and, sadly, this is why one of the neighbors of her owners threatened to kill her, because she had stolen(and killed) 2 of his rabbits. We know he means business so now Empee has moved to the city and is looking for a better life.

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