Thursday, December 20, 2012


Cin-Cin  (m), nascut/born: aug. 2012, deparazitat, educat la litiera / dewormed, litter box trained
[EN below] CIN-CIN este un motanel tanar, foare jucaus si plin de energie. Cineva s-a gandit sa il ofere pe post de cadou si ca in multe astfel de cazuri, persoana care l-a primit nu a apreciat prea tare cadoul. Este un motanel vorbaret, mai ales cand are chef de joaca si vrea sa fie bagat in seama. Ii place sa alerge dupa minguite de cauciuc prin casa iar cand oboseste adora sa fie luat in brate si incepe sa toarca imediat. Deoarece este foarte activ, ar fi de preferat sa fie adoptat de cineva care mai are inca un pisoi cu care ar putea sa isi consume energia, dar nu este o conditie obligatorie.
CIN-CIN is a young tomcat, very playful and full of energy. Someone thought he will be perfect as a gift for another person, but like in many other cases, that person didn’t appreciate the present. He likes to “talk”, especially when he wants to play or to make you notice his presence. His hobby is to run after the rubber balls and when he is tired after the playing session he starts purring in your arms. Because he is very active, it would be better to have another feline-companion to play with in his new home, but this is not mandatory.

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