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TOGANEL (M), nascut/born ~15.11.2013, deparazitat, vaccinat, sterilizat, invatate la litiera | dewormed, vaccinated, neutered, litter box trained
TOGANEL (cel mai strasnic motanel) are aproximativ 1 an, este deparazitat, vaccinat, sterilizat si (evident) educat la litiera. Ii plac cateii, povestile si maslinele, dar este cel mai aprig dusman al maturilor. Dupa ce s-a saturat sa hoinareasca pe strazi, si a ajuns in casa, s-a hotarat ca viata de apartament este pentru el, si, desi ii place cazarea temporara, el fiind un pisoi serios, prefera sa se stie la familia lui. Este extrem de iubaret cu oamenii, prietenos cu alte pisici si cu catei (care sunt prietenosi cu el).
TOGANEL is an aprox. 1 year old tomcat. He likes dogs, stories and olives, but hates brooms to guts! Afteer spending his "youth" on the street, he decided it was time to find a home, first he settled for foster care, where it is really nicer than on the streets, but, being such a serious puss, he prefers having a safe arrangement, his own family. He adores people, likes the company of other cats and dogs(that are nice to him).

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