Monday, May 4, 2015


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BAKLAVA (F) nascuta/born ~15.11.2014, deparazitata, vaccinata, sterilizata, invatata la litiera | dewormed, vaccined, neutered, litterbox trained.
BAKLAVA este cea mai dulce pisicuta, nu degeaba are nume de desert. Fiind tanara este energica, jucausa si dornica de fi in centrul atentiei. Ii place foarte mult sa discute cu oamenii, raspunde cu un miau lung la buna dimineata si miauna scurt dar vehement inainte de a primi bobite. Se intelege repede cu alte pisici si ii plac la nebunie mingiutele pufoase cu care ii place sa umble in gura pe post de trofeu. Ia-o acasa si sigur iti va indulci viata.
BAKLAVA is the sweetest cat you'll meet. She's young, energetic, loving and really talkative. She enjoys human presence and she'll love listening to your problems when you come back from work and might also give you some pointers on how to deal with your everyday problems. Her solution for everything: playing, sleeping and purring, not necessarily in that order. Take her home to add some extra flavor to you life.

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