Monday, November 26, 2012


LALETTE(f) - nascut/born: ~ 02.2012; deparazitata/dewormed; invatata la litiera/ litterbox trained
(EN below) Lalette este o dulceata de pisica, lipicioasa si torcatoare. Probabil ca a avut o familie si a locuit in casa, pentru ca nu ii este catusi de putin frica de oameni, iar cand s-a vazut in strada s-a tinut dupa prima persoana care a mangaiat-o si nu s-a lasat pana nu a fost luata in casa.
Acum cauta o casuta definitiva de unde sa nu mai fie data afara. Este prietenoasa cu oameni si alte pisici.
Lalette is a sweetheart she is loving and absolutely purrrrr-fect. She must have had a home and been part of a family because she is not at all scared of people, this is why she probably started following the first person who petted her and didn't stop until she was taken in. All she need now is a forever home, that she won't be kicked out of. She is friendly towards humans and cats.

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