Wednesday, July 16, 2014


ALBERTA nascuta/born ~23.05.2014, deparazitata, invatata la litiera | dewormed, litterbox trained.
ALBERTA a ajuns in grija noastra cand avea 3 saptamani, a fost hranita cu biberonul si s-a transformat intr-o frumusete de pisica, cu blanita semi-lunga si personalitate puternica. E dragastoasa si energica, isi face de lucru pe langa oameni, dar nu cere mereu atentie. Acum ca e independenta si stie sa manance singura, isi cauta o familie adevarata.
ALBERTA arrived in our care when she was 3 weeks old, was bottle-fed and turned into a beautiful cat, with semi-long fur and a strong personality. She's loving and energetiv, likes to be around people and finds things to do near them, but isn't always begging for attention. Now that she's independent and can eat by herslef, she's looking for a family of her own.

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