Tuesday, July 29, 2014


DANUŢ nascut/born ~10.04.2014, deparazitat, invatat la litiera |  dewormed, litterbox trained. 

DANUŢ şoricuţ, este un pisoias extraordinar de iubaret si mamos, cand a fost gasit era foarte mic si bulversat, nu stia ce inseamna oamenii si viata cu ei, dar s-a adaptat repede la lumea din apartament si s-a obisnuit repede si cu oameni noi si cu pisici straine si chiar si cu un caine de cel putin 10 ori mai mare decat el. Acum iubaretul nu are nevoie decat de o familie careia sa ii insenineze zilele si sa ii toarca noptile.
DANNY is a loving kitten who is very attached to humans. He was found when he was really little and even though he did not know a lot about humans he got used to the good life fast and is now friends with humans, cats and also a dog at least 10 times his size and he learned to love them all. Now all he needs is his own family to purr to day and night.

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