Thursday, September 20, 2012


SOPI, mascul, data nasterii / born: ~15.05.2012
deparazitat/dewormed, vaccinat/vaccinated, invatat la litiera/ litter box trained.
(En below) Sopi este un motanel energic si jucaus, dar si tare afectos si torcacios.

Pana a acum el a fost un pisoias tare norocos. Abandonat la doar cateva ore dupa nastere a avut norocul sa fie gasit de cineva si ulterior adoptat de catre o mama pisica, care l-a crescut ca pe propriul sau pui. Acum el s-a facut mare si voinic si este gata sa fie adoptat.
Sopi is a very playful and energetic little tomcat, but also a very affectionate and purring one.
We can say that thus far Sopi has been pretty lucky. Abandoned when he was jus a few hours old, he was found by someone and then adopted by a mother cat, that raised him like he was her own kitten. Now he is big and strong, and ready to be adopted.

Povestea lui/His story:

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