Wednesday, June 4, 2014


PEKINESSA (F), nascuta/born ~5.4.2014, deparazitat, invatat la litiera | dewormed, litterbox trained
PEKINESSA este cea mai energica, jucausa si iubareata pisicuta. Desi isi petrece majoritatea timpului gasindu-si de lucru cu mingiute, soricei si alte jucarii pisicoase, cel mai mult ii place sa fie alaturi de oameni, sa doarma in brate, sa dea pupici pisicesti si sa se alinte. E micuta inca, dar,desi s-a nascut intr-o cladire parasita, a invatat repede cu ce se mananca, sau rontaie, viata in casa, alaturi de o familie. Acum ii mai lipseste doar familia alaturi de care sa isi petreaca tot restul vietii.
PEKINESSA is a very energetic, playful and loving kitten. She spends most of her time playing around the house, but when she gets tired of all her toys she loves to cuddle, give cat kisses and just hang around her humans. Even though she is still really young and was born in a deserted building, she found out really fast what the perks of being an indoor cat are. Now she is just looking for a family to love her for the rest of her life.

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