Monday, January 4, 2016


(EN below) MĂRU (M) nascut/born ~15.03.2015, deparazitat, invatat la litiera | dewormed, litterbox trained

MĂRU, zis si "Fața turtită", este un motan tanar, prietenos si foarte alintat. Cand nu e in brate la tors si facut cozonacei, alearga mingiute prin casa sau sta pe pervaz si urmareste vrabiutele din copacul din fata geamului, care parca ii fac in ciuda! Le zice el in miuneza ca nu e frumos sa se zbantuie in fata unui pradator, dar ele nu il baga in seama, pe semne ca si-au dat seama ca e un iubitor, nu un luptator. Asa ca isi cauta o familie pe care sa o copleseasca cu iubire, din care are cat cuprinde sub blanita lui catifelata.
 MĂRU aka "Flat-face" is a playful and very loving young male. When he's not purring and giving cat massages, he's either playing with toys around the house or sitting on the window sill mewing at the birds from  the tree outside the window. He keeps telling them it's not polite to fidget in front of such great predator, but they completely ignore him, as they already know he's a lover, not a fighter. All he needs now is to find a family, to share his love with.

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